Medela Lactina Breastpump hire


Lactina Electric Plus Hospital-Grade Breast Pump

The Lactina Electric Plus Hospital-Grade Breast Pump is specially designed for use in hospitals or for home. This is the ideal breast pump for frequent long-term pumping.

The Lactina Breastpump provides maximum comfort and efficiency

Across the world, mothers have used Lactina in hospitals, when they needed to bring their milk supply up to required levels. Now the same high-quality experience of expressing milk for your baby can be yours from the comfort of your home. Lactina and its pump sets provide you with everything you need as a breastfeeding mother.

In cases where direct breastfeeding is not possible or there are difficulties experienced by the mother, then it is helpful to switch to a breast pump.

Benefits of Lactina Electric Plus breast pump

The hospital-grade, multi-user Lactina Electric Plus Breast Pump is based on clinical research and is designed to help you meet your individual needs throughout your breastfeeding journey. With its technical features and accessories, the Lactina features Medela’s years of innovation & comes with overflow protection, and is equipped for double and single pumping.

It is particularly gentle on extremely sensitive breast tissue

It alleviates symptoms of engorgement and helps heal mastitis

It brings out flat or inverted nipples

It is easy to use and has a pleasingly quiet operation


Hygienic in use: The Lactina Pump Set is completely separate from the pump mechanism, hence no milk overflow into pump is possible.

Single or double pumping switch: Easy switching from single to double pumping and vice versa.

Vacuum adjustable: Easily adjustable vacuum ensures gentle and efficient expression of breastmilk.

Quiet and vibration-free: The silent electric motor of the Lactina gives a quiet and vibration-free operation

All parts that come into contact with milk are BPA