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Thank you for choosing us (2 Moms 4 Moms) to go along with you on this journey of motherhood.

My name is Soniah and I am a co-founder of 2 Moms 4 Moms. Prior to this, Mariska and I worked for a company that was supplying breastpumps and baby feeding devices to hospitals and leading baby stores. I joined that company in my mid-20s after I’d had my first born daughter and worked there for 20 years. My first pregnancy and the whole breastfeeding journey was not so pleasant, I was young and clueless and had a total lack of knowledge. During those 20 years, I gained a wealth of experience which helped me so much during the birth and breastfeeding of my 2 sons (now ages 6 and 13). Armed with great products and a lot more information than the first time around, I was able to successfully breastfed them and continue working at the same time.

In 2020, when that company closed down, I was determined that all that experience would not go to waste. Mariska felt the same way, so we started working on a way to share that knowledge and pay forward the support that we were fortunate enough to have and that we knew most moms desperately need during the life changing journey of having children, from pregnancy through to schooling. This led to the birth of 2 Moms 4 Moms.

My personal aim is to create the ultimate solution and support to moms-to-be and moms throughout their motherhood journey by offering them amazingly helpful products like Epi-no, maternity pillows, breastpumps, bottles and everything they need for preparing for the birth of their babies and beyond. 

Soniah Mathibe

co-founder of company

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Medela Symphony Hire

Hospital grade, closed system, multi user breast pump hire


A Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercise device to prepare for the giving of birth.


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